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Imaginary Distance by EMILY KENDAL FREY

Dear Jalapeno,

Dear Skeleton,

Dear Delight,

Dear Landslide—

This is the price

of a punch card

culture. Rip a few

mascots for the

bus ride over.

12 July 2008 | poetry



Pigment lingers

in the weave of thick paper,

the dusty blood ring

of the wineglass.

The kiss-traced napkins

tossed in piles

like the wrappings of secrets,

disappointingly empty.

8 March 2009 | poetry


Amman, 1997 by MAYA PINDYCK

The blood stain on the chair

in our bedroom at the four-star hotel

does not bother me.

2 September 2002 | poetry, editors' select


Poem without an Epigraph by ELISA GABBERT

It's going to be another bad winter,

as in, not a good example of winter:

you can sit on the beach in November

with no coat.

21 August 2008 | poetry


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