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When door of death

yawns, dress me pink.



Paint me six

feet with stilettos…

12 September 2007 | poetry, unpublished writers


Pauline: A Fragment of a Confession by ROBERT BROWNING

Pauline, mine own, bend o'er me—thy soft breast

Shall pant to mine—bend o'er me—thy sweet eyes,

And loosened hair, and breathing lips, arms

Drawing me to thee—these build up a screen

To shut me in with thee, and from all fear,

So that I might unlock the sleepless brood

Of fancies from my soul…

27 September 2007 | poetry, classic


It Ends by JIMMY LO

Actor and carwash and actor

and carwash and actor together

strip down.

6 October 2007 | poetry



The summer I was ten we had a terrible heat wave. You could hear the transformers exploding on the other side of the tracks. Old people were dying in their sleep. Everyone was afraid the weed men wouldn't come and we would all be devoured by weeds. I had more faith. Nothing stoked the fire of a weed man's soul like a battle with the elements. I'll never forget the time I saw a weed man working in a thunderstorm, water up to his ankles, lightning felling trees a hundred yards away, and the weed man oblivious to all but the weeds.

8 August 2007 | fiction, short story, editors' select, million writers award


Pleasing the Omen by JULIE DOXSEE

Perhaps today's wind will release sheep onto a mountain you love…

14 May 2006 | poetry

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