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He posed and I photographed him in our hallway on Mercer Street, so pleased by the fact that we had one. The microwave was shiny and white and built in under the counter, suspended, with bright blue numbers that kept time.

2 June 2002 | fiction, flash fiction, editors' select



…and you were told ever since you could walk

never to look directly at the sun

but you do

you stand on the rocks and do…

4 April 2005 | poetry


on finding your keys by OLGA PESTER

i dreamt i couldn't find

my spanish class  like you

who have that dream of

finding not and failing who

i  just the same

grandmother said

dream the i

& leave it out

but left is what

and what is who forgetting

27 February 2009 | poetry


Thrift Shop Confessional by RICHIE DENT

I don't know what was harder to believe, that Pam's mother threw her out of the house or that Gail Tate turned Born Again! I thought most people who get suckered into those kinds of religious cults are sheepish and anti-social…losers. But Gail joins sports and has yearbooks filled with sentiments like, thank you for being you and a girl above the crowd. Don't get me wrong. I don't have anything against Born Agains.

25 February 2007 | fiction, short story



But there becomes a point in space,

he sighs, where I stop and all that is not me

begins. What physics, what magic

happens here, at the seam?

16 April 2007 | poetry

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