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Sparse Beauty by CRALAN KELDER

After a bath

my very clean ass

2 December 2002 | poetry, light verse



This is the story of my grandfather Benjamin Simonds

who survived Auschwitz. He kept

a scrap. Torn label of a can of con-

densed milk. He took dictation. He

dictated. He flipped the dialectic flapjack. He was

a gambling man. People think prisoners don't gamble.

Gamblers are always and only prisoners.

Once he told me that the spine is a prison.

24 April 2010 | poetry



Say the black road

is a bleached crest raveling

the one distance

meant for you (all of us).

17 December 2006 | poetry, editors' select, elegy


Offerings by SOMMER ANTRIM

Two loose pennies in a pocket

          abandoned forever to the lint trap

                    dusty unders of a shelf

                                        weed pushing up through a road crack

bum bundled on the corner begging

          for change

                    when it is everywhere


          pause                    for the next heartbeat

19 April 2009 | poetry


Away and Indoors on a Sunny Day in Bergen by WILLIAM WINFIELD WRIGHT

Light pours into the space between

here and the next thing I can see.

Life on second floors means to know…

2 December 2003 | poetry

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