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It begins with a man about to kiss air.

He imagines a face, his lids slit open.

Lips in position as though ready

for a word he can't pronounce.

2 December 2001 | poetry


Reading the Part by DENNIS MAHAGIN

I wonder will you

worry much

when your cherry popping daddies stop…

2 September 2003 | poetry


Dear ________, by MC HYLAND

By the time I finished writing, you had disappeared inside me. An absence bounded by the imagined shape of your skin. The body only token of the thought that creates it, yet I counted years by those touches, those bruised moments of light. Plankton sparking in the suffocating cold. I opened the ocean's windows against the lateness of night up there…

25 May 2009 | poetry, prose poem


Aunt Sophie Had a Stroke When I Was Eight by STEVEN BREYAK

Though her eyes had kept like marbles,

her tongue was a broken See 'n Say:

people and places but never a story…

30 October 2007 | poetry

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