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Because we stash words

in our temporal lobes

in pairs—best friend with dog,

dog with cat, catatonia with last Friday, fried

eggs with broken plate

we see associations before we say them: …

30 July 2009 | poetry


Tuesday by JEN CURRIN

Always I send what can only be called love.

Eating goat cheese & our friend's salad

we are frivolous as pronouns.

2 September 2004 | poetry


Works of Mercy by NEIL DE LA FLOR

The fisherman threatens to climb philodendrons with daisy cutters. Threatens to mount his motorbike barebacked. Ursula emerges from behind stacked bricks. Like hyenas they thrash in ghetto-rage.

6 August 2007 | poetry, prose poem


June Meditations by SANDY LONGHORN

Start with a bird—a blue heron

coasting over the reservoir—

and a tree—a loblolly pine,

planted for paper and pulp,

dropping its rusty needles.

What does it take to be awake

in this particular world?

2 June 2009 | poetry

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