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Finally, who is here with us? by JEN CURRIN

So the wire bird abandons writing.

I give up

my plastic mouse.

The apartment lobby choked with incense.

2 September 2004 | poetry


All I want is a lot of babies and a lot of money; you made me so pay it by DANIELLE PAFUNDA

The fuckwad has her caged rat-style. He sends babies chute face,

chute face. She chews face, face plowed, baby after baby.

He box checks, he checks box, he slots baby, he plows.

Then cokes. He offers to coke her. She nuzzles

a baby, opens her face.

8 July 2009 | poetry


The Week in Renovation: Wednesday by CAROLYN GUINZIO

Can you make me

a chair that looks

like this chair?

26 October 2005 | poetry



Or let the answer be

that sweet scent of smoke

when in his special chair

he puffed then let out hummingbirds.

16 November 2009 | poetry


Notes from the Lake #2 by BRANDON SHIMODA

After days of silent glow, nearing the kneaded air and pacing out the things that I wanted to say, I saw you—we met—like two birds along the paths by the water, between which was haze and wood.

2 September 2002 | poetry, prose poem

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