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Appendix:           the           Blind (         Specimen   ) by JOSHUA POTEAT

     the                          floor


                              for         cholera

28 December 2007 | poetry


Erwin Sturgeon's Surprise by MOLLY MCQUADE

Two slender she's sauntered by on gilt heels. Weather: balmy. The place: an adult-ed lobby like the set of a Busby Berkeley film, but before the extras have shuffled on. How would the pair of women have handled a dissolute tumble into a pool with the best boy? They wouldn't have considered it. They would, however, consider backstroking through glistening patches of urban air in June. They shimmered like literature to Nan, a hungry reader with lush pages to turn. She didn't know which pages she should prefer.

26 February 2010 | fiction, short story


Self-Portrait in a Chewing Gum Wrapper by CLAY MATTHEWS

Every time I watch a movie

about human robots I constantly have to say to myself

You are not a cyborg, and sometimes simply

saying this is enough to get me through

the day.

25 January 2007 | poetry


Love Letter with Tsunami Diorama by FRITZ WARD

After she left, I found the Collins glass of table wine on the windowsill. It counterweighed the nightbird's absence. After she left the second time, I lit a candle in our churchyard…

27 March 2009 | poetry, prose poem


Strange Men in Bars by LEAH BROWNING

Jennifer is sitting alone, nursing a 7UP and squinting across a dim, smoky motel lounge at her mother. It's a Thursday night around ten o'clock, and Mallory's already had three Black Russians and a vodka tonic. The effect of this combination is that Jennifer's 43-year-old mother—a woman who works in a bank and wears expensive tailored suits and strings of pearls, who speaks in a low, carefully modulated voice about stock options at the breakfast table—is sliding around a dance floor with a drunk man from the bar, his arms knotted around her waist and his face buried in her neck.

14 June 2007 | fiction, short story

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