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My Seven Favorite Stories of '07 by BRIAN LEARY

I set out to make a list of five, but found choosing among the nineteen stories more difficult than I had anticipated. I whittled the list to seven, then, to justify my failure to choose, slipped a cheap play off the year into the title.

2 January 2008 | nonfiction, letter from the editor


Pensacola Beach, March by JOSEPH P. WOOD

If my I put my ear to Daisy's

I hear her grape-sized heart

& she, tiny love, knows not


pumping erratic

milliliters of blood

the unfocused, gray cloud

in the left sliver of her right

iris, a mumbling

20 July 2009 | poetry



And then, after six years, she saw him again.

9 March 2006 | fiction, short story, classic


A Last Reminder by ROBERT GIBBONS

Last day of winter won't disappoint. Rain one degree from the gentleness of snow rides the added chill of March wind bruising skin blue, or red, dreary, dismal. Olson called it dour.

2 December 2002 | poetry, prose poem



Liam sings most

when I do it for him.

He feeds me words

in the Itsy Bitsy Spider

2 December 2001 | poetry

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