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it'll get different by TAO LIN

at work i wonder

if i should take anti-depressant medicine

finally, i decide, no, i shouldn't…

30 June 2005 | poetry


It Ends by JIMMY LO

Actor and carwash and actor

and carwash and actor together

strip down.

6 October 2007 | poetry



The telling time our task is; time's some part,

Not all, but we were framed to fail and die—

One spell and well that one. There, ah thereby

Is comfort's carol of all or woe's worst smart.

12 August 2005 | poetry, classic, rhyme



The message of this afternoon could be a hollow nest

if fairgrounds in a park can feel this empty.

2 September 2004 | poetry


Way Over There by MARTHA SILANO

& the little cardinal stuck

to the bottom of a baby food jar

never comes unglued

mommy in fact

never comes unglued & the daddy

(part Mr. Brady part Clark Kent…

5 April 2007 | poetry

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