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All this was long ago, but I do not forget

Our small white house, between the city and the farms;

25 September 2006 | poetry, elegy, classic, translation, rhyme


Dark Apartment by MATTHEW HEIL

He could find no better word for life

than flat.

2 September 2004 | poetry


My Seven Favorite Stories of '07 by BRIAN LEARY

I set out to make a list of five, but found choosing among the nineteen stories more difficult than I had anticipated. I whittled the list to seven, then, to justify my failure to choose, slipped a cheap play off the year into the title.

2 January 2008 | nonfiction, letter from the editor



Bright Star! would I were steadfast as thou art— by JOHN KEATS

Bright Star! would I were steadfast as thou art—

Not in lone splendour hung aloft the night,

And watching, with eternal lids apart,

Like Nature's patient sleepless Eremite…

13 June 2006 | poetry, classic, sonnet, rhyme

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