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Ruined Light Prologue by NICK ANTOSCA

Another summer Tuesday and I'm aimless,

sleepy in the dry backyard, mind occupied

by dreams of blotter acid and sodomy. When I

try to sit up, chest tingling where the heat baked it…

2 September 2002 | poetry


The Wondrous Quiet Life by JIM HEYNEN

She was sixty-two and widowed. Church people did not recognize her, but people at the animal shelter did. People at the shopping mall did not recognize her, but people at the library did. In this woman's life, there were more books than traffic lights, more cats than cell phones, more vegetables than credit cards.

5 November 2009 | fiction, flash fiction



To John Taylor on February 27, 1818 by JOHN KEATS

…but it is easier to think what Poetry should be than to write it…

9 April 2005 | nonfiction, classic, letter, poetic theory



What if you were three mad sisters

who lived at home with your mother

who hates you? Oh, you are?

Well, then, no wonder you are pregnant

and homeless on the streets of Minneapolis

with your cold glass globe containing the Mysteries.

4 December 2007 | poetry

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