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In Dreams and in Love There Are No Impossibilities by SHEILA SQUILLANTE

Where you cut your hand upon entering.

Where the affable proprietor warns you away from the saw.

Where the dog and the cat play beneath the table,

between your many legs.

Where the woman has painted her black hair gray.

26 June 2009 | poetry


Across a great wilderness without you by KEETJE KUIPERS

The deer come out in the evening.

God bless them for not judging me,

I'm drunk. I stand on the porch in my bathrobe

and make strange noises at them—


if language can be a kind of crying.

26 June 2008 | poetry


Tar Pit, Freight Train by JEFF KERSH

Feet sinking in the Wal-Mart parking lot, walls thick and soft

as mattresses crawling up. Windproof, soundproof, dizzy

from the world buzzing around, hummingbirds hovering

to see how much sweetness they can get before the cup…

2 September 2003 | poetry


Tofu and Potatoes by CINTHIA RITCHIE

It is evening and the dark climbs through the window, sits down beside us on the couch, demands the remote control. We curl our legs together, socks to socks, my hand pressed on your lower belly. "What if you suddenly stopped breathing," I say, imagining your death, the funeral, the useless black shoes. I smile, bury my nose in your dirty dark hair.

11 August 2009 | poetry, prose poem


Freight Train Blues by MARTIN WALLS

I'm stopped by the slow guillotine of the grade

Crossing—three diesels dragging gear north to Fort Drum

Not just tanks, & Fighting Bradleys, & armored cars

But oil transports, hospital trucks, even grain hoppers:

Everything we need to fight the long war in a foreign land.

19 April 2007 | poetry

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