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To My Dear and Loving Husband by ANNE BRADSTREET

If ever two were one, then surely we.

If ever man were lov'd by wife, then thee.

If ever wife was happy in a man,

Compare with me, ye women, if you can.

11 February 2007 | poetry, classic, love poem, rhyme


Clichés After Eden—New & Selected by JEFFREY ALFIER

"Am I my brother's keeper?"

Like the fuel load of bombers,

clichés come squared and balanced…

2 March 2003 | poetry



Panic-lodger, flush in the rafters. I didn't realize

I had been watched so well. The faces

my mother used to make

down at me…

5 June 2007 | poetry


The Things the Play by O. HENRY

Being acquainted with a newspaper reporter who had a couple of free passes, I got to see the performance a few nights ago at one of the popular vaudeville houses.

One of the numbers was a violin solo by a striking-looking man not much past forty, but with very gray thick hair. Not being afflicted with a taste for music, I let the system of noises drift past my ears while I regarded the man.

13 March 2008 | fiction, short story, classic


The Week in Renovation: Friday by CAROLYN GUINZIO

They tell you

that when you think

you can breathe,

you'll bury

what you draw.

28 October 2005 | poetry

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