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this day to come by CADE COLLUM

the windmill yawns and turns over. the brass chimes

grunt, half in sleep. from the house, someone sings

and i will never forget this sound, the openness of that voice:

the only song—

there is only here and there and gone.

5 May 2010 | poetry



Touch me



I swear,

this time—

we'll explode

like a super


like the last

passenger car

in the train…

15 July 2010 | poetry


To 42opus Editors on August 27, 2005 by TONY EVANS

My nickname at school is Tony the All-Night Pony. When I read a poem that I like I will write it down in one of my black leather journals.

2 December 2005 | nonfiction, cover letter


I'm Warning You by DORENE O'BRIEN

So you get fired for making another offensive comment to a coworker who actually is a fat slob with a bad attitude and fuck that eating disorder and clinical depression bullshit, and fuck your boss, too…

2 December 2004 | fiction, short story, experimental, second person


from The Constraints of Architecture by ADAM CLAY

A longing lives inside the mind: both to be in the past

Where we weren't, but also to be the person

We are in the present living in that unrealized past. The moon

Is a paint bucket on its side. The moon is…

2 June 2004 | poetry

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