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Meditation for Everything We Have Loved by JOSHUA POTEAT

What do you love the most?

      Say the reddish work of death

as it strolls through the fields…

2 March 2004 | poetry, editors' select


Prayer from Devotion XVII. Nunc lento sonitu dicunt, morieris. by JOHN DONNE

As death is the wages of sin it is due to me; as death is the end of sickness it belongs to me; and though so disobedient a servant as I may be afraid to die, yet to so merciful a master as thou I cannot be afraid to come; and therefore into thy hands, O my God, I commend my spirit…

15 October 2010 | poetry, classic, prose poem



She can only imagine cars

on the highway. Thinks they must glint like boats

on a blue harbor. She can only imagine boats

on a blue harbor.

27 May 2006 | poetry


Antibodies by ALLAN PETERSON

Sick maybe, and if so yes for home, but not homesick,

that place where vast pastures continue as horizons—

but scared, and hoping as in a game with friendly players

they let you take back a wrong move. That something…

2 December 2002 | poetry


A Large Man and His Family by SARAH VAP

A deck of cards on the corner. A sun led steadily away; no better for it. Sitting around in paper gowns. In deep study.

2 December 2003 | poetry, prose poem

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