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We had our first sex on a 70s era couch by DANTE WOO

We had our first sex on a 70s era couch (while MTV's 'The Real World' played); it made my allergies go off—that's the reason I laid my head on your chest, because the cushion was giving me a rash.

2 March 2002 | poetry, prose poem


Buffy Rerun Poem by MICHAEL BRODER

And I remember all these details, but only one by one,

as you recount them to me;

and I recognize the scenes, but only one by one,

as they appear before me.

15 September 2006 | poetry


Universal Fornication by CHRISTINE HUME

One star sharpens

and blindly pours out

all its death, one's pinned

open, a yellow surge

emerges in a slur

of eyes rolling back

5 September 2008 | poetry


Prelude to a Hug by THORPE MOECKEL

It was the expectant month. The rivers rose as fast as they fell. One morning the cherry trees were freckled with something like green blood. There were the usual hardships and joys, and often they felt quite unusual.

2 June 2004 | poetry, prose poem


our lady of anemia by KRISTY BOWEN

She begins with tiny spoons and screws. Swallows safety pins and penny nails by the dozen. Paperclips, thumbtacks, saltshaker tops. The doctors say it's dire, prescribe lithium and fresh air. Her mother cries and brings cake.

9 September 2006 | poetry, prose poem

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