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you are the urinal

in which men piss infidelity

when wives demur sex

2 September 2002 | poetry


A Song for New Year's Eve by WILLIAM CULLEN BRYANT

Stay yet, my friends, a moment stay—

      Stay till the good old year,

So long companion of our way,

      Shakes hands, and leaves us here.

            Oh stay, oh stay,

One little hour, and then away.

31 December 2007 | poetry, classic, rhyme


A Review of Rachel Cusk's Arlington Park by ALLISON ELLIOTT

Any reader who believes the suburbs to be a cultural and spiritual wasteland will have their prejudices confirmed. And yet, Cusk's great talent as a writer is to complicate these tired notions and make them fresh and engaging. Her Desperate Housewives are not stereotypes, but unique and sympathetic characters. Cusk is masterful at capturing the ordinary moments of family life.

31 August 2007 | nonfiction, review, review of fiction


For Michaela, who can't stand work anymore by CHRISTIEN GHOLSON

The only store in walking distance

is the one for the rich. So many aisles; bright

and convenient as Dinner-Nirvana: Tofu

from Iowa, rice from California, cherries

from Chile. Everything fresh-

frozen in plastic. I can feel The Invisible-Hand-

of-the-Market reaching into my pants.

11 February 2008 | poetry


One-Upmanship by THOMAS GADA

My wife's sister called a few days ago to set up a get-together for this weekend. They only live an hour away, so I don't mind.

2 June 2004 | fiction, short story

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