selected past writing at 42opus


At the Perkins School by LORI LAMOTHE

The poem about the sea

      speaks in braille

blue translated twice.

Sun wet light salt waves etc.

20 June 2008 | poetry


Pictures of Conquistadors by CHARLES VALLE

Jesus and Christopher lean close

Together, tiny fists

Clamping tight on plastic

Swords, their gold…

2 March 2002 | poetry


To 42opus Editors on December 6, 2004 by ANDREW LUX

Winter on the open seas is a grueling affair. Sometimes, the nets I haul up have turned to ice. I know this because the fish have begun to talk again. They say it was so cold…

17 March 2005 | nonfiction, cover letter


Mural of a Broken Curfew by SHELLY REED

She's queasy over orange juice

and muffin batter rising

while shots of booze

she can't recall names for…

2 September 2002 | poetry


from The Glass Age by COLE SWENSEN

We are standing in a window, looking out at windows. The windows on the other side are blind. They are on the other side. To look out is to see; to look in, to turn slowly white.

2 September 2004 | poetry, prose poem

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