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The Apparition of Mrs. Veal by DANIEL DEFOE

Now you must know Mrs. Veal was a maiden gentlewoman of about thirty years of age, and for some years past had been troubled with fits, which were perceived coming on her by her going off from her discourse very abruptly to some impertinence. She was maintained by an only brother, and kept his house in Dover. She was a very pious woman, and her brother a very sober man to all appearance; but now he does all he can to null and quash the story.

28 October 2007 | fiction, shorty story, classic, horror, ghost story


From Georgette (Without Regret) by MAYA PINDYCK

This is the box I am putting you in:

Clamorous piano.

Vegetarian meathead…

2 September 2002 | poetry


Campfire Overthrow by SARAH BYKER JAMES

At the campfire, they sang, "Satan, Your Kingdom Must Come Down."

I drank beer from a can and passed around a bottle of whiskey.

25 May 2007 | poetry, rhyme


The Fountain of Blood by CHARLES BAUDELAIRE

It seems to me sometimes my blood is bubbling out

As fountains do, in rhythmic sobs; I feel it spout

And lapse; I hear it plainly; it makes a murmuring sound;

But from what wound it wells, so far I have not found.

27 November 2006 | poetry, classic, translation, rhyme


The Albatross Is a Paper Bird by SHAYLAH KLOSKA

In the book there is a bloody picture of the bird.

Two women stretch the wingspan.

They are gloved and smiling.

Here off the alley we fend for nothing.

We move barefooted silently on stairs that do not creak.

5 July 2010 | poetry

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