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The Night Is Thinking and Eating by NICK ANTOSCA

Moths, crumpled scraps of beige-brown velvet,

discard themselves randomly

on the porch's chipped paint,

earnestly settling their brown wings.

2 September 2002 | poetry


from above by ADRIAN LURSSEN

or you may arrive by helicopter

(a way to kiss over paperwork)

2 December 2004 | poetry


Auckland from Mt Eden by FIONA LYONS

…everything abstract that made you intransitive

lovely Frankenstein.

A creature without distance…

26 March 2006 | poetry


Visiting Hours by JON PINEDA

Days we spend in shifts,

gaze out the window

onto drifts of snow.

2 March 2004 | poetry


A Review of Wilhelm Genazino's The Shoe Tester of Frankfurt by SPENCER DEW

This is the gift of the book, in the end, a balance between philosophy and poetry, helter-skelter wit and calm sensual pauses.

28 October 2006 | nonfiction, review, review of fiction

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