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A Song for New Year's Eve by WILLIAM CULLEN BRYANT

Stay yet, my friends, a moment stay—

      Stay till the good old year,

So long companion of our way,

      Shakes hands, and leaves us here.

            Oh stay, oh stay,

One little hour, and then away.

31 December 2007 | poetry, classic, rhyme


One Half Shed as Though in Front by JULIE DOXSEE

& if he died I would hold love

in the cracks below the heart, a caged

hand waiting to enfold its animal…

11 May 2006 | poetry, editors' select



What if you were three mad sisters

who lived at home with your mother

who hates you? Oh, you are?

Well, then, no wonder you are pregnant

and homeless on the streets of Minneapolis

with your cold glass globe containing the Mysteries.

4 December 2007 | poetry


Hunger by LILY BRENT

They couldn't get her to stop doing it. Crusts of bread, leaves of boiled cabbage, twenty-six grapes, flour in small plastic bags choked with red twist ties. They couldn't get her to stop doing it until she stopped doing everything, and after that it wasn't long until the end. Half bananas browning in their peels, dollops of sour cream in drawers, potatoes in slippers under the bed, red beets bleeding through the pockets of her pale yellow bathrobe.

2 February 2010 | fiction, flash fiction


Growing Pains by C. L. BLEDSOE

Mother lying on the couch coughing fire,

the death of applause. Father puddled on the floor,

paycheck spent on modeling glue. Sisters, brothers.

Burn the couch, the television…

9 May 2005 | poetry, light verse

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